Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/9 Fabulous New Designer

       So lately I've had my eye on a really awesome new children's' designer. Her name is Britain Knave and I have a feeling that she has a lot to offer to the kids' interior design world of Second Life. Ms.Knave has released two furniture sets in the past two months. There is a really pretty living room set and a recently released little girls' bedroom set. I have decided to review the new bedroom set because it is creative and colorful and just fun to look at! It's called 'Dolly' and there are tons of lovely furniture pieces that are included in the set.

        As you can see the dominant colors in the set are bright blue, purple, and green. One of my favorite things about the bedroom is the fact that it is only 166 prims! There are 15+ pieces and tons of wall art which is incredible at only 166 prims. The poses in the bed, bench, and floor pillows make the pieces extra comfy and user friendly. Theres a few items on the side which aren't pictured: A chest, dresser, curtains, and some really cute hat boxes.

Keep a look out for more really fun creations from Britain Knave!

Here's your ride

Love Lakin <33


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